Essaouira, Morocco

In August 2009 I visited my nephew in Tamraght, Morocco.

We made a mad dash up the coast to Essaouira for a 48 hour trip. During that short time I took
over 650 photos.

That was a lot easier than finally getting to translate
some of that experience into paint.

These two are the first of a series. They are both acrylic on paper – images are approximately 17″x27″.

AVAILABLE: $600.00 – Unframed.


Architectural Detail


The scenic artist in me can’t resist architectural detail. I painted this capital in September as an exercise in tonality.


The reference is a photograph I took several years ago at the National
Cathedral in Washington, DC.


Although I don’t anticipate making a series of detail images, I will always
have an eye to interesting architecture and you will see evidence of such in
the near future.