Studio 3.0 – Mural Commission

Messy Studio

Messy Studio/Warehouse

In the midst of my personal madness, I got an email requesting a small-ish mural. As it happens, I think I can actually squeeze one in between the time I get the parents physically deposited here in Florida and when I will make myself available for adjusting work again. There is going to be a phase of getting the folks settled – finding doctors, learning the roads, etc. when I don’t want to be in a 12hrs x 7days work gig.

A mural could be just the right diversion.

However, in the last 18 months, my studio has turned into a warehouse. So, the first task was to clear it out and sweep up the leaves that blow under the door.

All Better

All better – the black splodge on the floor is a permanent spill of some mystery substance from before my time.

Client meeting went well. Proposal completed and passed. Next step is a detailed drawing.

Meanwhile, I drive to Virginia tomorrow to start the final phase of loading the folks’ furniture in containers, deep cleaning the house in preparation for the market and getting them and Sally-dog into the car.

Of course, it’s going to be in the 100s in Florida and the 90s in Virginia this week. All good fun.

I think that’s enough for now.

Studio Re-Do!

The sudden surge in painting projects forced me to accelerate plans to turn the third, small garage bay into studio space. It needs a total rebuild but no time for that right now.

So, on a recent Friday night, James got in from work and wanted to start on the revamp right away.

Here’s what the space looked like when we started:

What a Mess!

What a Mess!

Ninety minutes later, the space looked like this:

Whew, that's better!

Whew, that’s better!

A trench and grass to divert or absorb water; nasty old shelving removed and the beginnings of a Tyvec enclosure.

By mid-afternoon Saturday:

James covered the ceiling and three walls in Tyvec to give me a lighter space and separate me from the nasty framing. I confess, there are areas where there is only Tyvek between me and the great outdoors.

Ready to Go!

I also confess, the space doesn’t look nearly that tidy one week on. It’s already chock-o-block with projects and supplies.

Just the way we like it.

I don’t think my studio will ever make the pages of the “Where Women Work” publication but it works for me.

What’s your creative space like?