Lemon Trees with Night Sky Mural

Here’s a new post from my Marsh Hawk Studio LLC:

I recently completed this project in Ponte Vedra, Florida. There are few experiences so thrilling as seeing your once-imagined world realized – whether on stage or in a dining room.

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My clients wanted to recreate the feeling they experienced while eating lunch at the Ristorante ‘o Parruchiano la Favorita in Sorrento, Italy.

They explained that the town of Sorrento is all about lemons and this restaurant’s patio diningroom was surrounded by fruit-laden lemon trees – blossoms drifting down all around.

They also wished to reference the enchanting merhorse fountains which flank the larger baroque fountain in Taormina, Northern Sicily.

Client's Photo of Baroque Fountain
Client’s Photo of Baroque Fountain with Merhorses

In searching for a muralist they stumbled over a prior project of mine – a night sky with crystal stars. This expanded their vision.

They got in touch and we got to work.

In my next post I will walk you through the design and painting process.

I hope you enjoy the world we created!

Recent Decorative Project


I thought I’d already posted this project. Apparently not.

So, catching up – My wonderful, long-term-client-turned-friend up and moved
to a new house after we’d finally finished all the work in her previous one.
I think she planned that just so we wouldn’t run out of projects.

This one exceeded our collective vision. Standing back and looking at it
completed gave us both goose-bumps. We’d been planning this for months and
knew we were going to love it, but seeing the results was still a thrill.

The over-scale damask stencil was custom designed and cut by me 🙂