Plein Air Day

Our local plein air group met for the last time of the season today – or I
should say two of us turned out for it. It was chilly but sunny. As you can
see, the colors peaked about a week ago.

After several attempts at plein air I have decided this is not the way I
paint – certainly not with intent to actually finish, or even start a studio
painting. I’d always thought it would be the elements that would put me off
but it turns out to be more about approach and materials. Plus, coming at
this from years of painting stage scenery and murals, I realize that I
really do like to paint large. 24×36 inches feels small to me and that’s
just not an option for the old plein air/alla prima method. I will, in
future, join in these sessions because the camaraderie is great and there is
so much benefit in drawing and painting from life. But I will treat them
like sketchbook sessions rather than attempt to radically change my style in
order to partake in the current plein air craze. Know thyself. Right?