Feeders in Snow

These were shot through a dirty, snowy window but I’m amazed at how well
some of them turned out. When we have weather coming I move the feeders
close to the lee of the house, away from the high winds that come off the
bay. That also puts them very close to the kitchen window so I and my cats
can be distracted by the birds all day.

This group is from this past weekend. The Blizzard of 2010. I’m not sure
they should have attached that label to that storm since there is yet
another coming through tonight. We will be right on the snow, ice, rain
fringe. This is the third storm in about 12 days. Very unusual for coastal
Virginia. So, I will, once again, be praying that my power holds and I
don’t become dependent upon my way too small woodstove to keep me, the
kitties and all of my expensive paint products from freezing.