So Much Has Changed

A Match Made in Heaven

My last post started, “not much has changed for me.” Since then, so much has changed.

Dad passed on March 17, 2021, after a long battle with head-injury-triggered dementia.

Mom moved in with us in July 2021. We figured we had seven to ten years with her—a healthy 85-year-old with good genes. In September 2022, we thought she might have some gall stones. On September 15th, we learned she had stage IV pancreatic cancer.

We were advised to think in terms of “six months.”

She was gone in 34 days.

Our heads are still spinning. Those 34 days were surreal. There is so much I’d like to say about it and hope to do so eventually. For the moment, I need to say, I’m still here, and am working through the adjustments.

I know Mom and Dad are on to bigger and better experiences as they begin eternity with their Saviour. I also know they left here hoping only the best for those of us who remain. And so, we seek Wisdom and Providence as we step out into our own new path.

Stay tuned.


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