Bethel Beach in Snow

After a night and a day of snow and steady winds today was glorious. By
this afternoon I’d mustered the courage to bundle up and head for Bethel
Beach Nature Preserve. It was only in the 20s but there was little wind so,
although I was out there for nearly 2 hours, I was perfectly comfortable in
all my layers.

Walking was tricky. It was impossible to tell where solid ground ended and
snow-covered marsh began. Even stepping cautiously I still ended up knee
deep in marsh grass voids several times. I didn’t end up in any water
though. Whew!

Here’s a selection of the 250 plus images I shot. This is my first real
attempt at shooting snow. I worked from an aperture priority and kept an
eye on my histograms – adjusting exposures accordingly. It’s very hard not
to blow out the highlights but I learned a lot.


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